The National Conclave on Cyber Defence- Sajag 2019 seeks to change the paradigm of how we look at digital space and security, critically assessing the impact of cyber security on business operations and their security implications. This conclave explores the boundaries of cyber security and also provides the best practices to protect our Digital Critical Infrastructure where the sensitivity of the data plays a very vital role. Sajag 2019 promotes scientific excellence, encourages individual and collective action, fosters multi-sector dialogue and constructive debate, and reinforces accountability amongst all stakeholders. Cyber Defence Conclave shall bring together the professionals from Corporate, MNCs, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), Security Analysts, Forensic Scientists, Ethical Hackers, Network and Hardware Engineers, Research Scholars, Academics and Enforcement Agencies. Sessions in Sajag 2019 will focus on the latest issues in Cyber science, policy and practice and will also seek to share key research findings, lessons learned, best practices, as well as identify gaps in knowledge. Sessions are designed to help achieve cooperative solutions to defend the ever-growing cyber threat. It is not “if there will be a cyber-attack”, but rather “how we can work through a cyber-attack” when it occurs, utilizing cyber resilient processes, procedures, and solutions to allow continued operations. The Sajag 2019 is the national conclave of its kind in central India and organized by the University second time. University successfully organized first national conclave Sajag 2018 in the month of March. Indore is recognized as one of the global centres of Information Technology and hub of education, making it an ideal venue for hosting the cyber security community within the frame of the Cyber Defence Conclave. This Conclave gives high priority to the Personal safety, IT infrastructure safety, Cyber safety and Information Security, so that the business continues in healthy living environment.


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