Mr. Ritesh Bhatia

Cyber Security Expert and Data Privacy Consultant

Mr. Ritesh Bhatia is a is a Cyber Crime Investigator, Cyber Security Expert and Data Privacy Consultant. He is well known for Cybercrime Prevention and Investigations and thus has been successful in solving many cases for corporates as well as law enforcement agencies. He was recently awarded THE BEST INDIVIDUAL IN CREATING CYBERSECURITY AWARENESS by The Computer Society of India. Mr. Ritesh has an experience of 16+ years in the cyber space and has secured over thousands of computers, servers and other devices in more than 20 types of industries. He is the founder director of V4WEB - a top 25-company well known for creating secure websites and web applications. He is on the board of many companies, serving as a Cyber Security Consultant and Auditor. He has been highly successful in securing systems and critical business information from cyber-attacks. His key areas of interest include Protection of Sensitive Personal Data, Security Audits, Risk Assessment, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, New Age Cybercrimes, ransom ware, Dark Web and Cyber Forensics. His views on trending cybercrimes and cyber security have been published by many media houses. He frequently appears on national television channels which seek his opinions on the trending cyber-crime issues. Mr. Ritesh has been a very sought after speaker when it comes to creating awareness on cyber-crimes, data privacy, cyber security and prevention. He has been a distinguished guest at many organizations such as RBI, Anti-Narcotics Cell, Economic Offences Wing, where he spoke on new age cybercrimes, data privacy and dark web. Mr. Ritesh has also founded an anti-cyber bullying organisation called Cyber B.A.A.P. which stands for Cyber Bullying Awareness, Action and Prevention.

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