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About Shri Vaishnav Trust

1884 is the landmark year as the foundation stone was laid 134 years ago for Shri Vaishnav Group of Institutions by compassionate cloth merchants of Vaishnav cult of Indore, which was later rechristened as Shri Vaishnav Sahayak Kapada Market Committee in the year 1934. Shri Vaishnav Vidyapeeth Trust believes in taking the nation forward by improving the quality of life of its citizens by continuously working in the sphere of education, health and environment. It has been established to promote education and research in various disciplines through academic institutions for the benefits of all sections of the society, but not with the motive of profit. Shri Vaishnav Shekshanik Avam Parmarthik Nyas was established under the able guidance of Shri Vaishnav Sahayak Kapada Market Committee in the year 1981. Since then, Nyas has been working relentlessly for the upliftment of the society and country as a whole by providing better technical and professional education, health facilities, schools and other services.

About University

Shri Vaishnav Vidyapeeth Vishwavidyalaya is a private university established under Madhya Pradesh Niji Vishwavidyalaya ( Sthapana Avam Sanchalan) Adhiniyam in 2015 at Indore MP(India). The University has been established with a vision to be leader in shaping better future for mankind through quality education, training and research. It shall pursue the mission to make a difference in sustaining the growth of global societies by developing socially responsible citizens. Value based education being at the helm, the University shall promote endurance, excellence, fairness, honesty and transparency as its core values. Some of the objectives of the University are as under: To provide teaching and training in higher education and make provision for research as well as advancement and dissemination of knowledge. To ensure world class quality in its offerings and create higher levels of intellectual abilities.

Shri Vaishnav Institute of Information Technology

Shri Vaishnav Institute of Information Technology is a premier institute established after thorough research and with a professional attitude through a team of highly qualified professionals with a wealth of experience from technical and professional backgrounds.Our University has collaborated with The International Business Machines Corporation (IBM's Software Group) to roll out degree programs that are jointly developed and certified to make sure the students have the best from the both the worlds of Academia and Industry. These programs are intended to bridge the gap between the Industry and Academia. IBM has setup an IBM Big data Analytics and IBM Cloud Computing Lab in the University campus. The program is delivered by IBM subject matter experts.




Mr. Golok Kumar Simli

Chief Technology Officer
Passport Seva,
Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India

Mr. Jitendra Singh

Superintendent of Police
State Cyber Cell


Mr. Vivek Srivastava

Regional Manager - Security Sales Cisco - India & SAARC


Ms. Smita Jain

Tower Lead Cyber Security, TCS


Mr. Amit Puri

Automation Leader for Europe
IBM India Pvt Limited


Mr. Deepak Kumar 

Digital Forensics & Cyber Intelligence (LEA)



Glimpse of Sajag 2018.


Chief Patron
Mr. Purushottamdas Pasari
Chancellor -SVVV, Indore (MP)

Prof. Dr. Upinder Dhar
Vice-Chancellor - SVVV Indore (MP)

Dr. Anand Rajavat

Dr. Jigyasu Dubey

Mr. Manoj Dhawan

Mr. Gaurav Shrivastava
Mr. Sachin Chirgaiya


The National Conclave on Cyber Defence- Sajag 2019 seeks to change the paradigm of how we look at digital space and security, critically assessing the impact of cyber security on business operations and their security implications. This conclave explores the boundaries of cyber security and also provides the best practices to protect our Digital Critical Infrastructure where the sensitivity of the data plays a very vital role. Sajag 2019 promotes scientific excellence, encourages individual and collective action, fosters multi-sector dialogue and constructive debate, and reinforces accountability amongst all stakeholders. Cyber Defence Conclave shall bring together the professionals from Corporate, MNCs, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), Security Analysts, Forensic Scientists, Ethical Hackers, Network and Hardware Engineers, Research Scholars, Academics and Enforcement Agencies. Sessions in Sajag 2019 will focus on the latest issues in Cyber science, policy and practice and will also seek to share key research findings, lessons learned, best practices, as well as identify gaps in knowledge. Sessions are designed to help achieve cooperative solutions to defend the ever-growing cyber threat. It is not “if there will be a cyber-attack”, but rather “how we can work through a cyber-attack” when it occurs, utilizing cyber resilient processes, procedures, and solutions to allow continued operations. The Sajag 2019 is the national conclave of its kind in central India and organized by the University second time. University successfully organized first national conclave Sajag 2018 in the month of March. Indore is recognized as one of the global centres of Information Technology and hub of education, making it an ideal venue for hosting the cyber security community within the frame of the Cyber Defence Conclave. This Conclave gives high priority to the Personal safety, IT infrastructure safety, Cyber safety and Information Security, so that the business continues in healthy living environment.


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